The 2013 Lost Gloves Competition

The time of year when pedestrians lose their gloves is upon us. This season, I am offering a reward to the individual who finds and submits the most lost glove pictures as well as to the individual who finds and submits the best overall lost glove picture. The quantity winner will receive a $50 Amex gift card, a trophy, and godlike public admiration while the quality winner will take home a $25 Amex gift card, a framed picture of the glove and mini-godlike admiration. 

Here are the rules and regulations for The 2013 Lost Gloves Competition:

  1. The competition will run from today, December 5th through February 5th, 2013.
  2. Submit your lost glove pictures via email to and be sure to include the general location (ie New York, NY) where the lost gloves were found.
  3. Include other people. You can enlist help from your family/friends/lovers/enemies/etc. or you can invite others to participate independent of you. 
  4. Don’t be a dirtbag. Only submit pictures you or your crew actually found. Don’t stage photos with your own gloves or search the internet for “lost gloves.” 
  5. Be creative. While taking a picture of just the lost glove is acceptable, feel free to add some context to your pictures.

Now get out there and walk with your head down!




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