The 2016 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

Front Cover - Hassan

Could you say ‘no’ to his mask?


Lost Gloves
People lose gloves, we find them.

The 2015 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

The Poo Project
A public grossness campaign. Learn more here.

Spam Male

A Matter of Principle
Principle > Principal

The 2014 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

Since You Were Gone
Without my fiancee. With our dog. For 19 days.

My gal and I are getting cemented. We took our own engagement pictures.

Mr. February
My oldest brother calendarized for his wife.

Vicarious Substitution
Try sitting in someone else’s seat.

Gallery 21
Recycling done right.

Vaffanculo, LG
Never fall in love with something you have to plug in.


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