“Colts aren’t budging” on Carson Wentz

“Colts aren’t budging” on Carson Wentz

The Eagles don’t seem to have much leverage in the Carson Wentz trade talks. And the primary suitor for Wentz knows it.

Via Zak Keefer of TheAthletic.com, the “Colts aren’t budging” in their position regarding a Wentz trade. Keefer also reports that the Colts have not “significantly changed” their offer from where it was more than a week ago.

Talks have nevertheless continued. As a practical matter, it makes no sense for either side to move toward their bottom-line positions with four weeks to go until the new league year begins. With no other serious suitor and given that Wentz’s relationship with the Eagles is by all appearances broken beyond repair, it’s simply a question of when/if the Colts and Eagles can find a middle ground.

If either side moves toward the middle ground now, it likely be squeezed to do even more before the drop-dead date arrives for doing the deal.

Best guess? The two circles of the Venn diagram eventually will kiss. For now, though, there’s no reason for one circle to make a move toward the other one.