44-year-old woman arrested in expected homicide case of Ichelle

44-year-old woman arrested in expected homicide case of Ichelle

A woman was arrested on Tuesday in relation to the case of Ichelle van de Velde from Zeeland, who went missing in December. The 44-year-old suspect was arrested for murder. This was reported by the police. Ichelle has not yet been found, but the chance that she is still alive is considered “very small,” said the police and the judiciary.

The news comes three days after the 44-year-old woman from Aardenburg in Zeeland was arrested. In Oostburg, she owns a shop that sells “spiritual artifacts” and where healing with magic is also offered in practice. The store is located near the Pins & Needles shop of Ichelle.

The police thoroughly combed out both the house and the store on Tuesday and carried out an extensive investigation. According to the police, traces of a crime were found. The original charge that the woman kidnapped and held Ichelle captive has now been aggravated to murder. According to the police, she is the only suspect.

Without a trace
The news is coming hard to Ichelle’s family, says spokesman Lars Wälder. “The family has always taken everything into account. Ichelle has been missing for two months.” The most important thing is to find out where Ichelle is. “That’s all the family wants to know and we still don’t know.”

The 29-year-old from Oostburg disappeared without a trace in mid-December. After that, the police searched for her a number of times in the Groote Gat, a creek near Oostburg, but without result. An investigation in her house and in Ichelle’s shop showed that no crime had been committed there.